Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You: A Runner- Part 3 of 3

So, you read my blog last week and were so inspired that you went out and ran a mile.  Three times.  And you still hate running.  Read on to figure out how you can start to love it.

Be Consistent- As I mentioned in Part 2, you definitely need to get past that first month of running and over the 3 mile mark.  Are you going to love running when you get there?  Probably not.  But if you stay consistent for a few months and can do at least 3-5 miles consistently, it is going to get easier and more enjoyable.

Have a Goal- It is much easier to be consistent if you have a goal.  Sign up for a local 5k or 10k a few months out and work towards that.   Crossing a finish line can be a big motivator to keep you running.  And remember, the more you run, the more enjoyable it gets. 

Mix it up-  As a beginner runner, you may not realize that there are different ways of running besides leaving your house and just going.  There are speed workouts, tempo runs, fartleks and lots of other fun stuff to add variety to your workout.  After you get bored of "just running", consult a coach or experienced runner for advice on how you can spice up your workouts.

Make it Fun- If you prefer running on the treadmill, do it.  If you like to run outside when it is 10 degrees, go for it!  If you like to gossip with a friend while you run, recruit someone or join a running group.  Do whatever it takes to keep it interesting for you.   For many, some good tunes can make the workout - invest in an Ipod shuffle and load it with some fast beats.  And, on that note, tune in tomorrow for my list of "must have" workout songs for your ultimate playlist!

I hope I have inspired you to tie up those laces!
-Coach A http://www.sparkmultisport.co/

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