Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Favorite Run

When I travel I love to go for a run to see the sights and get in a good workout.  Over the years I have done some pretty cool routes- the Las Vegas Strip, the San Diego shoreline, and Cancun hotel zone to name a few.  However, to me, there is nothing like walking out my front door and running down to Lake Michigan.

My favorite run is about an 8 mile out and back that takes me three miles down Chicago Avenue.  In those three miles, I go through my Hispanic influenced neighborhood, past one of the hottest restaurants in the US (Japonais), along the remnants of Cabrini Green, across the heart of Michigan Avenue and end up on the lakefront path.   Once I hit the path I have a short jaunt south before I am on Navy Pier.  At 8 am on a Sunday morning, Navy Pier is absent of tourists and usually only a few fisherman and scattered runners are present.  After running the half mile out to the end of the pier I always like to take a minute and look around.  From here I can see endless miles of lake and an amazing view of downtown.   Usually in that minute I fall in love with Chicago all over again. 

I feel lucky to be alive and healthy and able to run this 8 mile route whenever I please.  What is your favorite run?   Have you run it lately?  If not, it is a beautiful day- what are you waiting for?
-Coach A

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