Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Transition Tips Part 1

Transitions are the easiest, most non-athletic way for beginners to shave time off of their races.  Here are some of my very basic tips to get you through T1 and T2 quickly during your first season.

1)  Get bike shoes with velcro and run shoes with quick tie laces.  The easiest thing to do with run shoes (in my opininon Yankz are overly complicated and a ripoff!) is get a couple cord stops, put them on your laces, tie laces in a knot and cut the extra off.  It is cheap and works extremely well. 

2) Go with just the necessities- Wear a waterproof watch that you put on prerace.  Go without the bike gloves for any race that is less than a Half Ironman and only use them if you have a road bike.  Forget the deodorant (I have really seen that!), put heavy duty sunscreen on beforehand and get tri specific clothes so you are not taking clothing on/off.  If you are a badass and the race is short, scrap the socks.  They just take up precious seconds and who cares if you have blisters when the race is done?!?!?

3) Set transition up as seen above- T1- Bike shoes closest so you can put them on right away.   Glasses and helmet on top of your run shoes facing the right way so you can throw them on as you are leaning over.  Grab your bike and go!
T2- Under the helmet are running shoes and to the side are race belt, hat and snacks.  Take bike shoes off and exchange for run shoes.  Take off helmet, grab race belt and snack and get organized as you are running out of transition. 

 Those are the basics and should get you in/out in under 2:00.  Later this week I have Transition Tips Part 2- this is for you experienced racers who want to shave off a few extra seconds and get those transitions closer to a minute.  It can be done!

Cheers to speed!

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