Friday, June 26, 2015

Spark Summer Shape-Up 2015

Summer is underway and as we all spend more time out and about enjoying the warm summer days and nights, we want to look and feel our best. To help you stay on track with that goal, the Spark Summer Shape-Up has arrived!! Read on for details....

Starting Monday, July 6th and wrapping up Sunday, August 9th Coach Angela is challenging you to stay on top of your health and fitness by doing the following things:

1) Working out 30 minutes per day
2) Drinking half your bodyweight in ounces of water each day (ie- 140 lb should consume 70 oz)
3) Cutting out ALL soda consumption (diet soda included!)
4) Sleeping 7 hours per night
5) Tracking your food/beverage intake (on app such as MyFitnessPal)

For each item you accomplish each day you will receive one point, with a maximum of 5 points per day. Additionally, there will be one "Surprise Bonus Challenge" each week to give you the opportunity to earn extra points.

Top three winners will receive:
1st place) Free Personal Training Session with Angela and 60 minute massage at Massage Envy
2nd place) Free Personal Training Session with Angela
3rd place) Bag of summery, healthy goodies!

The Summer Shape-up is open to all current Spark clients (training, coaching, group, and remote). To enter please email by Friday, July 5th.