Monday, October 29, 2012

USA Triathlon Art & Science Symposium- Top 10

Here is a snapshot of what I've picked up this past weekend. Some triathlon related, some not. Enjoy!

1. When it doubt about your swim technique, ask yourself- "What would fishes do?"

2. A make your own trail mix bar is quite possibly the best idea ever. Especially when triathletes are your audience.

3. Ride fast up those hills, and get as aero as possible on the way down.

4. Clients- next time you have an internal dialogue during a workout that might clue me into your mental frame of mind- tell me!

5. I have not yet figured out why I don't live in San Diego. It's straight paradise here.

6. The older you get, the less you care what comes out of your mouth.

7. I actually do know what I'm doing as a triathlon coach- most of the time.

8. Electronic shifters are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Or so I've been told.

9. USA Triathlon is a great organization to be a part of!

10. When you see a decorative ceramic mask in a restaurant, DO NOT pick it up.

-Coach A