Friday, January 20, 2012

Goal Setting- Final Edition

Last week you narrowed your goals down to the top 3 and wrote down why you MUST accomplish these goals.  Now we need to figure out what could possibly stop you from accomplishing these goals.

For each goal fill out a chart like below:

You now have a pretty good idea of what excuses/issues you might run into, and a way to combat them.

Your final assignment for this goal setting exercise is to figure out what you can do in the next 24 hours to take a stop closer to accomplishing one of your goals.   And do it!  

You are on your way to a fantastic 2012-
-Coach A.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Goal Setting- Part 2

So, you have your super duper list of everything that was good/bad about 2011.  More importantly, you have a huge list of things that you want to accomplish.  Every dream, goal and aspiration that has ever popped into your head should be on that list.  Now it is time to get crafty.  Grab a few different colored highlighters, or pens, or broken crayons
 (if you live with a 2 year old like I do).

-With one color, circle every goal that can be accomplished in the new few days or weeks.
-With another color, circle every goal that can be accomplished in 2012.
-With the final color, circle everything that is more long term, and is going to take a few or several years.

If there is anything left, I am not sure what to tell you.  Maybe you accomplished it already?  

We are going to zero in on the goals for 2012.  Take a really close look today and decide which are the three most important goals to you.  Maybe one personal, one professional and one fitness related?  Whatever works best for you, but make sure you are passionate about the three you pick.

-Take the three goals you picked and write them on a fresh piece of paper.
-Next to or below each goal write the answer to this question:  
Why MUST you accomplish this goal in 2012?

That is it for today.  Baby steps, people!  Part 3 coming soon!

-Coach A

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Goals for 2012, anybody?

If you are anywhere in the Midwest, it is likely that you are snuggled on your couch watching the snow fall during this first storm of the season.  It is also likely that if you had plans to hit the gym after work, they may have been foiled by a long commute or the urge to just get home.  Not to worry!  We are going to use this extra time at home to make something positive happen!

I have told many of my clients over the past weeks that I am not a huge fans of New Years' Resolutions, but I am a huge fan of setting goals for the year.  Over the next few posts I am going to take you through some goal setting exercises that are going to get you on the right track for 2012.    Tonight, do the following:

-Think about what was amazing for you in 2011- personal, fitness, or professional related.  
-Think about what really stunk in 2011.  Again, personal, fitness or professionally.  

It is best to write or type these out and put anything down that comes to mind.   When you are brainstorming there are no dumb answers (I think I learned that from my 4th grade teacher, thanks Ms Meyer!). After you have this list, take a look at it for a few minutes and continue to the next step:

- Write down everything you can think of that you would like to accomplish in the next few years.  It can be realistic, a reach or seem downright impossible.    Again, we are brainstorming, and these goals can be from all aspects of your life.

Doing this list correctly can take some time.  Maybe keep an open doc on your computer and just put things down as they enter your mind.  Keep working on this and stay tuned for my next post on what to do with this list to make these things happen!

Stay Cozy!
-Coach A

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Resolving to BLOG!

So, it's been 3 months since I have last written.  Three wonderfully busy, productive, fun months.  I have worked, traveled, relaxed and kicked off a new year since my last post.  In 2012, I resolve to start blogging again.

Some of the highlights of the past few months:
-Seeing my baby girl turn 2!
-Celebrating my favorite season of Christmas.
-Attending a tri coaching conference in Vegas (yay USAT for hosting there!)

Some of the lows of the past few months:
-Seeing my baby girl turn 2!  (how is time going so fast!?)
-Packing up the Christmas tree and saying goodbye to my favorite season.
-Being a big "loser" in Vegas.  Lady luck was not on my side!

So, as you see, there are two sides to every coin.  Experiences are what you make of them.  Let's try to turn even our negative experiences into positive ones this year.    When I stopped blogging I actually had a few people ask if I had been writing; they missed my posts.  Yay!  That means people are reading and has inspired me to get back on track.  And for those of you that have made it this far, what would you like to see posted on this blog in 2012?  Let's hear it!

Happy New Year!
-Coach A