Thursday, September 21, 2017

Spark in the Big Easy!

Spark will be headed down south to The Big Easy this March to take place in the New Orleans Rock N Roll Marathon Series. Runners who join this group will be staying in elegant New Orleans style, within walking distance of the race start, race expo and a short trolley ride to the French Quarter. Distances for this race include 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon. Only 10 spots are available for this Spark Destination race so don't delay- grab your spot today!

When: March 2nd- 5th, 2018
Where: New Orleans, Lower Garden District
The House 
Who: Runners of any level who are running any distance race are welcome to join the group! No need to be a current Spark client. Need some running goals and motivation? Nothing like a runcation and some coaching to get you going!
What is included: All runners who book this Spark Destination will receive coaching for their choice of distance race (5k/10K starts January 8th, Half Marathon Dec 11th, Marathon Nov 13th) ) through a basic Training Peaks online account. They will also receive 3 nights accommodations in the home above, a Saturday night pre-race pasta party at the home and a Big Easy Spark tank or tee (your choice!) for race day.
Optional add ons: As race weekend approaches, optional tours and meetups will be added to the itinerary and made available to all registrants

The Cost:
Bedroom 1- Master Bedroom w/King Bed- $600 per person
Bedroom 2- Queen Bed- $500 per person
Bedroom 3- 2 Twin Beds- SOLD OUT
Bedroom 4- Double Bed - SOLD OUT
Bedroom 5- Queen Bed- $500 per person
Prices for all rooms based on double occupancy

To register, email 50% of total due at registration, other 50% due January 31st. Once payments are made they are nonrefundable but spots are transferable to other people.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Spark reCHARGE Michigan November 2018

The mission of the Spark Recharge weekend is to bring together a group of motivated individuals for a few days of positive self care in an elegant and serene setting. We will exercise, cook and eat great food, have introspective conversations and most importantly, lots of fun and relaxation. After the Recharge weekend you should feel fulfilled, both in mind and body, and be ready to tackle whatever your next goal or challenge might be.

The rates: 
Bedroom 1- Master with King and Bath--SOLD OUT
Bedroom 2- King Bed- $900- SOLD OUT
Bedroom 3- 2 Double Beds SOLD OUT
Bedroom 4- King Bed- $900 ($450 pp)- open
Bedroom 5- Queen Bed SOLD OUT
Bedroom 6 Bunk Beds $850 SOLD OUT
Prices based on double occupancy

The fine print:
50% due at registration- this portion is nonrefundable but you are welcome to transfer spot to someone else

50% due Nov 1st- if you cancel before then you will not have to pay this installment. Any cancelation after Nov 1st is 100% nonrefundable as I will be making payments to caterers, chef, yoga teacher etc. You may still transfer spot to someone else.

Contact or register here today!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2017 Spark Run Club Sessions/Iceland Training Options

2017 Spark Run Club Sessions

Spring Session:
April 19-June 21 
Wednesdays 9 am- NTA Track (10 weeks)- $99
Wednesdays 6:30 pm-NTA Track (10 weeks)- $99
Registration available here

Summer Session:
June 26- Aug 9
Mondays 6 pm- Lakeshore Park Track (7 weeks) $69
Wednesdays 9 am- NTA Track (7 weeks) $69
Wednesdays 6:30 pm- NTA Track (7 weeks) $69
(register for Mondays and Wednesdays for discounted rate of $129, interval workouts will be coached at all practices, if athletes come more than once per week Coach A will split group also lead tempo workout on Monday evenings)

Fall Session:
Sep 6- Nov 8
Wednesdays 9 am - NTA Track (10 weeks) $99
Wednesdays 6:30 pm - NTA Track (10 weeks) $99

Online Training Programs for Iceland Runners

Half Marathon, Marathon and 10k Training plans available- April 17th- August 19th
All plans will include account and communication from Coach Angela. Plans will include 3 or 4 runs per week, will have options for different level runners and strength training workouts to have you race ready!

Online Training Plan only- $99
Online Training Plan for Run Club members- $49

To register for any program email

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Spark Healthy Holiday Challenge 2016

It's that time of year again! Let's work together to stay healthy and keep those pounds off this holiday season! Join the Spark Holiday Challenge to keep your workouts on track and those bodies feeling great. Read on for details to stay motivated in the coming weeks....

Friday, November 25th through Friday, December 30th try to do the following things most days:

-Walk 10,000 steps
-Workout 30 minutes
-Sleep 7 hours
-Avoid alcoholic beverages
-And, a new twist for 2016, whoever gets the MOST steps per day will  get a bonus point. That's right, we are shaking it up this year! One bonus point per day to our highest stepper....

You will be rewarded one point per day for each activity completed.  Coach Angela will
check in with a tracking sheet on a weekly basis and there will also be periodic
bonus point opportunities for all. 

This year's prizes will be:
1st place) 1 hour personal training session PLUS a $25 Lettuce Entertain You gift card
2nd place) 30 minute personal training session PLUS a $25 Lettuce Entertain You gift card
3rd place) Bag of health and fitness goodies!

Interested?!  Here is the fine print:
- Contest open to anyone! However, to be a winner you MUST have at least one personal training session with Angela during duration of contest (or remote coaching package)
- Email by November 20th to register
-To stay active in the contest you must respond to Angela's weekly check in email with tracking sheet and provide a screen shot or photo with your weekly step tracking

Questions? Contact and she will answer them! Looking forward to some holiday fun!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Chicago Tri Race Recap: Lessons Learned

Yesterday was one of my favorite races of the year- the Chicago Triathlon. For years I raced this race in my hometown city, but for the past few I have taken off to strictly focus on my athletes. As much as I love to participate, being a coach and spectator is just really rewarding. However, this year with my tight post pregnancy turnaround, I needed a late season race and this one fit the schedule perfectly. So, exactly 3 months and 2 days after Olivia's birthday, I toed the line for the sprint distance race in Chicago. It was a great day for many, myself included. Being so soon after my pregnancy I had a little different attitude going in- I was nervous and excited but also felt way less pressure than I usually do.  As a result, I feel like I was able to take in the day and learn a few things. Here are some lessons I took away from yesterday's race:

1) We all have "stuff" going on.  I spent the hour before the start chatting with clients and triathlon friends. A common pre-race conversation is listing the reasons you are not going to have a good race that day. I am no psychologist but I believe it has something to do with giving yourself an out if you don't perform. Yesterday I heard lots of good excuses- just got divorced, starting a new job tomorrow, just moved, injured ankle, and of course mine, just giving birth.  Those are all really good excuses to have not put the proper training in for the race. But what I realized is that we ALL have an excuse to not do well. Of course we do! We are adults with families and jobs and non-teenager bodies that are testing ourselves by training for a really hard sport. So we can make all the excuses we want, but the person next to us might have a better one. Let's just be happy we are strong and brave enough to actually attempt the race.

2) Even the most experienced triathlete can make a "rookie" mistake. I made pretty much the dumbest mistake of my triathlon career yesterday. I forgot to put my helmet on in T1. I ran all the way to the bike mount line before an official called it to my attention. I then had to run back in shame to my transition spot to grab my helmet, adding 2-3 minutes to my time in the process.  It was dumb, it was embarrassing and it was downright ridiculous. No one I tell can believe that I, Angela Park, 15 year veteran of triathlons and triathlon coach, made such a beginner mistake. But I did and it cost me big time.

3) You are never too experienced to practice the basics. See above post. In my haste to get back in shape for this race I did not swim in the lake once or practice a swim to bike transition. In fact, I was only able to ride my race bike outside once this entire summer. I took for granted that I had done this enough times and would be fine without doing so. This naiveté cost me an age group win.

4) When you make a mistake, move on and refocus, but learn from it. For a fleeting moment I wanted to throw in the towel after I forgot my helmet. But then I thought about all the people asking me how my race went and I knew I could not tell them I quit. So I ran and grabbed it as quickly as I could, hopped on my bike and proceeded like it never happened. I can assure you, however, that I will never make that mistake again.

5) There is more to racing than a PR or podium finish. There was a time in my triathlon career that doing something like forgetting my helmet would have brought me to tears or caused a tantrum. I really like winning. However yesterday when I was out there I was just so thankful to be racing. Pregnancy was tough for me and there was a time when I thought making a comeback would be impossible. The crowd, the pain, the feeling of being fit enough to participate- I feel the most alive when I finish a race. And I am guessing most people feel that way judging by the buzz at the finish line.  We are fit and healthy and strong and taking advantage of this life by living to the fullest. Don't get me wrong, I am super irritated at myself by my mistake, but I am mostly just happy to be back out there racing. And I feel really proud of the example I am setting for my family- my oldest daughter made me the medal pictured above.  She is noticing what I am doing and it will influence her for the rest of her life.

6) If you put your mind to it, you can do it. When I was pregnant and told people I planned to do two races within 4 months of having the baby, they looked at me like I was crazy. I even felt a little insane for attempting it. However, from the moment I got pregnant I had a plan. Stay in as good of shape as possible and don't gain too much weight. With my nausea staying in shape was tough but not putting on weight was a breeze. Post pregnancy I planned to start training at 4 weeks and when that day came I did.  I ran one mile and could hardly keep a 10 minute pace. It was disheartening but I am proud to say, even through sleep deprivation and all, I managed to get in every single workout I planned in the past 9 weeks. And it was all worth it when I surpassed my own expectations yesterday. Get a plan, stay focused, execute and it will pay off.

7) It is hard to coach and race on the same day at the Chicago Tri.  It is a crazy, crowded day and I only saw half of my athletes for bits and pieces. Very hard to focus on your own race along with others.  Sorry about that! Next year I will be back in a coaching role and the Spark tent will make it's return :)

Congrats again to all of yesterday's athletes- I hope you are still riding the post race high!

-Coach A

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Spark Summer Shape-up Sweatfest!

Spark Summer Shape-up participants, here is your challenge!  Complete the workout below and commemorate it on social media using #sparksummershapeup or tagging Spark Multisport for two bonus points.  Here we go!

Make sure do to an active warmup before and cool down after:

10 Burpees
20 Squats 
10 pushups 
x 2

10 Burpees
20 lunges alternating legs
10 wall angels 
x 2

10 Burpees
30 second wall sit
30 second plank
x 2

10 Burpees
16 Bicycle crunches
Side plank 20 second each side
x 2

10 Burpees
20 Second Reverse Plank with alternating leg lifts
10 v situps (bent or straight leg)
x 2

It is only 100 burpees total- enjoy!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Spark Summer Shape-Up 2015

Summer is underway and as we all spend more time out and about enjoying the warm summer days and nights, we want to look and feel our best. To help you stay on track with that goal, the Spark Summer Shape-Up has arrived!! Read on for details....

Starting Monday, July 6th and wrapping up Sunday, August 9th Coach Angela is challenging you to stay on top of your health and fitness by doing the following things:

1) Working out 30 minutes per day
2) Drinking half your bodyweight in ounces of water each day (ie- 140 lb should consume 70 oz)
3) Cutting out ALL soda consumption (diet soda included!)
4) Sleeping 7 hours per night
5) Tracking your food/beverage intake (on app such as MyFitnessPal)

For each item you accomplish each day you will receive one point, with a maximum of 5 points per day. Additionally, there will be one "Surprise Bonus Challenge" each week to give you the opportunity to earn extra points.

Top three winners will receive:
1st place) Free Personal Training Session with Angela and 60 minute massage at Massage Envy
2nd place) Free Personal Training Session with Angela
3rd place) Bag of summery, healthy goodies!

The Summer Shape-up is open to all current Spark clients (training, coaching, group, and remote). To enter please email by Friday, July 5th.