Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beating the Battle of Excuses

Earlier this week I started thinking about excuses.  Namely excuses about why we cannot exercise. Being a trainer and coach for 7 years, I have heard almost every imaginable excuse. I have even had a long list of them this winter myself- traveling, a foot injury, bronchitis, a chronic fever, being busy with work, baby, etc.   The list could go on and on.  Here is the thing I have learned about excuses- when you need to actually justify it to yourself, it probably is just that, an excuse.    

After a long streak of being ill around Christmas I remember thinking to myself that it was actually easier to just not go to the gym.  To just lay around and eat Christmas cookies and feel gross.   I had come off about a week of fever and serious coughing spasms when going to the gym was not even an option- I could hardly get off the couch.  But after those several days it was time to get going again and my brain was not in the game.  I told myself these workouts wouldn't count for much considering my first race was not til June, I could wait another week, it just wasn't a big deal.  

I actually recall my first workout back after that.   It was not pretty.  I was running slowly and my breathing was labored.   But, wow, it felt great to sweat.   And in an instant I remembered why I love to workout so much.  I have had a few small setbacks since then but am finally in a good groove and have not found an excuse to sit on the sidelines in a while.

I want you to think about if you have been coming up with excuses lately.  Have you had to justify them to yourself?  How do you feel after you miss that workout?  Now, here is a the challenge- instead of coming up with excuses to miss your workout, how about coming up with excuses to get in a workout?  For example- I need to stop working during lunch and just walk fast for 30 minutes to clear my head.  Or, I am going to put the baby to bed and hop on the bike trainer for 30 minutes while she is napping just to sweat a little.    Then see how you feel after you have flipped that excuse around.  I can promise that you will never feel bad.  Ever.  Exercise gives you more energy, more clarity and makes up a happier person.  We all know that.

As this season gets underway let's come up with as many excuses as we can TO train, not to sit out.  And let's do it with a smile :)

-Coach A