Thursday, June 16, 2011

You: A Runner- Part 1 of 3

I had am amazing day today.  It was a gorgeous 80 degrees and sunny with a cool breeze off the lake.  One of the few days in Chicago when it is neither too hot nor too cold.  I started my day this morning running a set of wicked fast mile repeats with one of my clients.  I have been working with him for some time now and he is getting so fast I can barely keep up with him anymore.  It was one of those workouts you just want to be over, and you feel awesome when it is.  This evening I had the pleasure of running a 5K with another one of my clients.  She is on the other end of the spectrum trying to establish a healthier lifestyle and this was her first race.  I gave her support along the course, kept her motivated and we crossed the finish line together.  I had a blast.

On days like these I cannot believe I get paid to do what I do.  Sharing my passion with others and transforming them into who they want to be is truly wonderful.  However, if you had known me a little over a decade ago, you would be astonished that one of my passions would be running.  I used to loathe running.  I hated being hot and sweaty and always touted that that is why I chose swimming as my sport.  When my swim coach used to make us run, I would bitch and moan like no other.  I sucked at running, I was not "a runner."

Everyday I try to talk people into doing triathlons.  The number one negative response I get is "I am not a runner."  I hear it all- I have bad knees, I hate running,  running hurts, etc.  Well, friends, I am proof positive that you can go from that statement to becoming a runner.  Over the next few days I am not only going to share with you how to become a runner, but also how to love running.   It can be done.

Before I share with you my steps to becoming a runner, think about why you want to start.  Weight loss?  Alone time?  To finish a 5k?   That is going to be your driving force and motivation to get your rear in gear.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2!
-Coach A

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