Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Coach A's Favorite Training Tool Right Now....

Why I love the TRX right now.

-  It is the most simple and most portable piece of equipment I have ever used.  Using gravity and your body weight there are endless exercise options!

- It will challenge you.  Step closer to the attachment point to kick it up a notch.  Make it single leg.  Add a jump.  Whatever you need to do to work hard.  Even the best athletes can get a killer workout with the TRX.

-  You don't have to be a great athlete to use it.  It can help you balance, stabilize and improve your flexibility.  Hello weight training newbies!

-This evening I brought it to the park with my daughter, hooked it up on her swingset and pushed her between squats, chops and presses.  Does it get any easier than that?

Want to learn how to use the TRX?  You know where to find me!
Coach A  www.sparkmultisport.com

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