Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fleet Feet Women's 5K/10K Recap

It wasn't a prerequisite to love pink to participate in this female only race, but it was beautiful sight if you did!  Over 2500 women came out to run in this morning's race, despite the 90+ degree temperatures.

The race started at 7:30 am when the weather was still bearable- if you stood in the shade it was possible that you would not break a sweat.  Teams of sisters, mother/daughters and friends milled around chatting and stretching before lining up in the start corral.  Many of the women donned the race t's that came in pink or black, while others (such as myself) had on their own signature pink running attire.

When racing in temps as high as today's, it is imperative that you readjust your goals.  I had originally hoped to break 45 minutes but knew that would be impossible in these conditions.   Just yesterday I read this great article in Runners World about surviving hot runs.  The experts agree that your time increases 10 to 15 percent when running in extreme heat.   That being said, I had adjusted my goal to just keeping under an 8 minute mile pace. 

The race was very well run- it began promptly at 7:30, the course was well marked and aid stations were stocked and run by awesome volunteers.  Kudos to anyone (especially teenagers!) who gets up at 6 am on a 90 degree Sunday to hand water out at a race.  We literally could not do it without you!  I managed to pace with a couple of other girls and come in at 47:46 (7:42 min/mile).  I figure with my knowledge from the article that I would have shattered 45 if it had been a cool fall day.  But it wasn't, so.....

Thank you Fleet Feet for providing me with the most glorious popsicle I have ever tasted upon my completion of the race.  I took my sweaty body and my grape popsicle and sat my butt under a shade tree when I was done.   Five minutes later I was cool as a cucumber.  Runner's World was definitely on to something when they suggest taking in a sweet, icy treat before/after to cool your body temp.

It was great to see all you ladies out there today participating, especially the ones I convinced to register.  Our time may have been way off our goals, but subtract 15% and I am sure you are right there ;).  All you other Midwesterners, do yourself a favor and read that RW article.  This week looks like its going to be a scorcher!!!

-Coach A

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