Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trek Triathlon Recap

If the Pleasant Prairie race I did two weeks ago was perfect conditions, this race was the complete opposite. The temp today reached at least 90 degrees (was almost 80 before we even began!) and there was a strong wind from the southwest.  The sun was shining and it was muggy.  Not ideal conditions for a triathlon.   Nonetheless, over 1000 women showed up for today's race, which also took place in Pleasant Prairie, WI.  

I love this race because it truly embodies what I love about the sport of triathlon- attracting new people to the sport, getting them trained and seeing them experience the joy of crossing a finish line.   There are always lots of newbies at this Trek race and it is fun to see their range of emotions (anxiety, exhaustion, relief!, excitement) as the day progresses.

I trained several women for the race this year,  some experienced and some beginners.   Everyone was nervous before the race and a lot of time was spent waiting in line for the port-a-potties.  I had them all set their 3 goals and share them with me before the race.  They were anxious, giddy and all properly trained for the race.  As a coach, I could not have been any prouder.

Pretty much everyone had a solid swim- it is literally straight across Lake Andrea, and times were fast.  The water felt awesome compared to the muggy air.  The bike was a little long for a sprint- 14.3 miles- and was into the wind for the first half.   Coming back, however, was fast and furious and everyone remarked how awesome it was.  The run?  Not much to say about it except HOT.  Times were slow and feet were dragging.  It was not so pretty.

I waited for all "my ladies" at the finish line and cheered them in.  Most of them were happy.  First time finishers were all smiles with their proud spectators.  One of my veterans came in 4th in her age group and was psyched!  One of the newbies was so excited because she did not have to walk at all!   We were sweaty and tired, but feeling good.  

Coming off my great race a couple weeks ago, today was not a good performance for me.  I actually had to stop and get off my bike to fix my water bottle holder and had terrible stomach pains on the run.  One of the women in my group was disappointed that she wasn't getting any faster from season to season.  That being said, not every race can be your greatest.  Stay tuned tomorrow for how to pick up the pieces after a disappointing can be done!

Congrats Trek Finishers!
-Coach A


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