Monday, August 1, 2011

When you are having a bad day...

We all know that life can get crazy, hectic and at times, frustrating.  How we deal with those times can set us up for success or destine us for failure.  It is easy to do things right when everything is going your way.  Likewise, when things go poorly, you need to be ready to tackle them head on and deal!  Here is a true story about my day:

Monday morning- yuck.  I ran 16 miles yesterday in the blistering heat and could hardly get down the stairs when I woke up this morning.   And that was after a night of tossing and turning because our A/C was not working. My first client was 30 minutes late.  I coached a swim workout in a 100 degree pool area.  My daughter was screaming her head off when I brought her to her toddler music class.  By the time I sat down to tackle work I had 18 unanswered emails from this morning alone, 5 voicemails and a stack of paperwork at my desk.   It was hot in my office and the second I answered an email, two more showed up in my inbox.  After I dug myself out of my first pile of work I decided to treat myself to a cookie.  So, I walked to Starbucks and bought a huge cookie and iced coffee.  I am not one to shy away from sugar, but I was about to learn my lesson that turning to it during desperate times is not a good idea.

Once I scarfed down that cookie and my coffee I did not feel good.  At all.  I was jittery, my stomach ached and I was even crabbier than before.  You might think my body is not used to sugar, but I like my desserts.  A bowl of ice cream after dinner or a cupcake to celebrate a birthday- you will definitely find me partaking.  However, I think because I was using this cookie to try to make myself feel better,  it totally backfired.  It wasn't a special treat, it was a cry for help.  And what body really wants caffeine and sugar when it is under stress?

So, what did I do to finally feel better?  This is pretty predictable coming from a trainer, but I worked out.  I didn't have much time, my day was jammed.  But I got in a 30 minute sweatfest that made my heart beat and more importantly, cleared my head.  And when that was over I realized my life is pretty darn great, even if I did just get sick off a monster cookie.    So, if I had one awful Monday, its totally okay.  Because when I stick to my plan of staying active and treating my body right, I can deal with those bad days.

What is in your arsenal to ward off the blues?  Do you need to reevaluate what you can do to make yourself feel good?  Do whatever takes and treat that body right!
-Coach A

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