Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Insider tips for the Chicago Tri.....

It is a big week here in Chicago with the city's triathlon (one of the world's largest!) coming up on Sunday.  I know dozens of athletes who are gearing up for the big day.  Here are my last minute words of wisdom for all those participating.

1)  Do not cram for the race.  Less is more this week!  You want to go into Sunday with fresh legs and lots of energy.

2)  The forecast is looking AMAZING, even chilly in the morning.  Be sure to wear a sweatshirt and dress accordingly.  Also, it will be pitch black when you get to the race.  There are lights in transition but not along the swim.  A flashlight can be very helpful.

3)  Remember, Friday night is your important night of sleep.   Your alarm is going to go off at 4 am on Sunday and there is a good chance you will have tossed and turned all night.  Don't let that get to you.  If you get a decent night sleep on Friday, adrenaline will fuel you through the race.

5)  Know your wave time.  You could be waiting 3-4 hours after transition closes before you begin.  Bring a blanket, some snacks and drinks and be prepared to chill before the race.  The logistics of going home and coming back will likely stress you out.

6)  Check the course map.  I know people who have exited on the sprint course (when registered for Olympic!), been shocked by the quarter mile run after the swim and who have spent 30 minutes trying to figure out where to rack their bike on race morning.  Don't be that person!

7)  Plan a meeting point with your fans.  With thousands of racers and the finish line being at least a half mile away from the start, there is a lot of ground to cover to find your loved ones.  Plan ahead.

8) Set your three goals.  Happy goal, thrilled goal and ecstatic goal.  Memorize them and keep them in mind throughout the race.

9)  Enjoy!  Find your fans along the wall while you are swimming, check out the skyline and beaches while you are riding on LSD, and enjoy how awesome Chicago is while you are running.  This is what it is all about!

Race fast!
-Coach A www.sparkmultisport.com

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