Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Hot List - 2013 Chicago Tri

It has been a while since I have spent the entire day at Chicago Tri solely coaching and cheering (since I was pregnant in 2009 to be exact).  I had so much fun with friends and athletes, it almost makes me want to skip the race and do it again next year.  Here were some highlights from my day:

1.  When one of my athletes (whose name shall remain undisclosed) swam past me and said "Don't hate me" as she breaststroked by.  I have never had an athlete talk to me during the swim!

2.  When this same athlete's fiance declared that he was "definitely in" for participating in the race in 2014.  I love how inspiring triathlons are! 

3.  Seeing Hunter Kemper pass Alicia Kaye in the last seconds of the race for the win.  I had never seen a race with an equalizer before and it was exciting!

4.  Cooling off in the VIP tent with lunch and a 312 after several hours of serious spectating.

5.  Setting up the Spark tent for the first time (but definitely not the last!!) and having athletes I have met from over the years stop by to catch up.

6.  Seeing a few of my athletes who found the Olympic swim to be completely daunting just a few weeks earlier, nail it like they had been swimming their entire lives.  

7.  Cheering the pro that had been staying with us all week,  Matt Chrabot, to a 4th place finish in the men's race.  That is the top finish for pros hosted by the Park's.  Way to go, Matt!

8.  Cheering one of my athletes to a colossal PR, 3rd group age group finish and an age group nationals qualifying race.  And the teary hug that came after she crossed the finish line.  

9. Hanging out with the friends and family of Spark Multisport for 8 straight hours on a beautiful Sunday in the city.   And still being home by 2:30 pm.   So great!

I love my job.  Thanks to all you triathletes out there for making my career possible and congrats on a great race!
-Coach A

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