Monday, August 5, 2013

Ironman Training Blues

"How's training going?"  When you are five weeks out from an Ironman and work in the fitness industry that is the first question anyone you have not seen in the past 24 hours will ask you.   Guaranteed.  Up until a couple weeks ago I would answer with a smile and say "Great, awesome, I am really enjoying it."  And I meant it.

Then I saw the light of the Racine taper.  And I raced Racine.  And didn't do quite as well as I would have liked.  And had to amp up my training again.   And just felt blah.  That has been me for the past two weeks, just feeling blah.

I am a triathlon coach- I am coaching athletes for Ironman races all the time and even right now for Ironman Wisconsin.  I work them through this time and now am living it myself.  Here are the steps I am going to take to turn from blah to beast mode in the next couple weeks.  If you are training for an upcoming IM race feel free to test them out.

1.  Stop moping around.   Okay, I doubt anyone would describe me as mopey, but when people ask how training is going, I plan to start fakin' it til I make it.   You know how they say smiling when you are feeling down will cheer you up?  Well, it can also change your perspective on your training.  Act like the badass that you are when people ask how your Ironman training is going.  

2. Embrace how my body feels.   I feel good right now.  Lean, strong, and ready.  It is a good feeling that comes after a summer of great training.

3. Start visualizing every day.  Just pulling up this finish line picture gave me butterflies.  If I can take a few minutes each day to picture myself on that course on September 8th, it will give me the extra boost I need to power through.

4. Be thankful and appreciate every mile left of training.  I knew training was going to be tough with my work schedule and family duties.  Each week since May has been a complicated series of logistics that leaves my poor husband's head spinning, but I have made it happen as much as I can.  Have I had as many rides out of the city as I would have liked?  No way.  But all the more reason to enjoy the last two or three I have remaining.  

5. Remember why I am doing this.  I love this sport and last year was taken up in the excitement of the day.  I wanted to be a part of IMWI in 2013 and have it recorded here.  Remembering the race last year and the time I felt the last time I crossed an Ironman finish line are more than enough to help me get my butt in gear.

So this is where my head is going for the next couple weeks.  By then I will be over the training hump and focusing on the big day.  Keep it up all you IM trainees who will be racing in the next month or so.  You can do it!

-Coach A


  1. The clouds are only temporary, the sun will come out again and you will SHINE! Thank you for showing your weakness, because it shows how STRONG you are. Keep on movin' girl, you've got this!

  2. Thanks, Tavia! Brings a little tear to my eye. Love you!

  3. Wish I could "like" Tavia's comment! You're amazing Angie! You inspire this girl everyday!

  4. Thanks, Annie! Blogging certainly makes a girl feel special! xoxo