Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pleasant Prairie Triathlon Recap

Before I write this I should really go back and see what I wrote about last year's PP race.  I remember it being ideal conditions and one of the most well executed races I have ever completed.  I was pretty certain going in today that I would not be able to better my time, but I almost 2 minutes.  Honestly, the conditions today were probably THE BEST I have ever raced in in my 13 year career.   No wind whatsoever, low 70's and overcast.  Loved it!

So, let me back up.  I love coming to this race.  It is in the town where I grew up so I have an excuse to stay at my best friend's house, I always see lots of people I know and it is fast no matter what the conditions are.   The lake is warm and clean, the bike is flat and smooth and the run is around the lake.  So fun!

I rode my bike over to the race and immediately set up my transition.  I wandered around looking for a few people I knew who were doing their first tri- one Spark athlete and few coworkers from the gyms.  I gave out a few words of advice, shared some Bodyglide and wished everyone well as they headed into the holding pen.  Frankly, they all seemed a lot calmer than me!  I hung out with another friend who I know from Lululemon (yes, I shop there that much) and we kept each other company until the sprint distance began.

The lake was really warm, 77 degrees to be exact.  I tried to stay as close the front of the group as possible, but there were several 14/15 year old girls who were in my wave and they totally kicked my butt.  The only solace I can take in this is that my 14 year old self (as a swimmer) would also kick my butt right now.   Ran out of the swim and busted through T1 as quickly as possible to head out onto what was one of my most fun and fastest rides ever.  Imagine newly paved roads, no cars and no wind.  That is what those 13 miles were.  This is where I picked up most of my time from last year.  After T2 I knew I just needed to come in under a 24:00 5K to beat last years time and I was confident that would be no problem.  It wasn't!  I did not bust the 1:10 mark overall but did come as close as possible at 1:10:00!

It was a great day, feel so happy that I actually was able to get my top goal- totally worth the blisters on my feet from wearing no socks with my Mizunos!  Also amazing to see all these people finish their first tri- Congrats Cat, Adrienne, Brent and Stacy!  And Brad and Emily even though you are veterans!  Welcome to the sport!

Can't wait to race with the rest of you!
-Coach A.

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