Friday, October 14, 2011

My Most Memorable Marathon Moments

Now that I am not so sore and the memory of pain is fading from Sunday's race, I wanted to share a few moments that stood out for me during the 26.2.  What were your best memories?

1.  The buzzing at the start line.  The nervous energy throughout the crowd as the National Anthem was sung, the elite runners were announced and the countdown to the start.

2.  Seeing my best friend cheering me on at mile 4.  She came down all the way from Wisconsin to surprise me!

3.  In Chinatown, I witnessed a 30-something male leaning against a utility pole clutching his quad.   A Chinese grandmother ran over and started pounding rapidly on his leg.   I am not certain that she knew him, but I am certain that she was trying to help!

4.  The deja vu I felt at my low point- the frontage road near White Sox field.  As soon as I was chugging along in the sun all my memories from 2010 came flooding back.  This is where I was mentally exhausted, my legs felt like concrete slabs, and I still had about 3.5 miles to go.    This was when I said in 2010 "this is my last marathon" and I know I uttered those words again this year.

5.  The Nike Cheerzone on S. Michigan Ave- thank you for being there.  You were a light near the end of the tunnel.

6.  The "trail of tears" after the Nike Cheerzone.  People were honestly dropping like flies.  It went like this: Lean over, clutch aching muscle, limp to the side of the street, crumple to the ground.  I saw this happen at least 10 times in the last two miles and just prayed it would not happen to me.

6.  Crossing that finish line- does it really get any better than that?!?!?!

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