Thursday, October 6, 2011

Get Marathon Ready: Visualization 101

Alright runners, we are in the final hours.  It is time for you to chill out, take a minute, and visualize how you are going to dominate this race on Sunday!  Here is what you need to do.

Find 20 minutes, a quiet room and a comfortable space.   It can even be the time right before you are going to drift off to sleep tonight.  Close your eyes and start to imagine the alarm going off Sunday morning.  Go through your morning routine; eating, getting dressed, making your way to Grant Park.  Imagine the masses of runners heading toward the start and the active warm-up you will do before you make your way into the corrals.   Picture how you want to feel Sunday morning- light on your feet, fit, exhilarated, fast.  Spend several minutes going through the miles in the race; the different neighborhoods, the spectators, the mile markers.  Go to mile 20 where you will have tired legs and mind and use your mental plan to power through.  Place your mind at the last mile where the crowd will get you through to the finish.  Take a few moments and think about how awesome you will feel when you cross that finish line.  Linger here for a bit.  

Once you have made it through your entire race morning you should feel empowered, pumped and completely prepared for your race.  Visualization may seem corny, but it will help calm your mind and body and prepare you for what to expect on race day.  

You are all ready!  See you at the race!
-Coach A

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