Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Implementing your PLAN

So, you read through my previous post about getting a plan, writing it down, becoming accountable and so on and so forth....Now, you think, how in the world can I implement this?  Between kids, work, pets, and social obligations, your fitness can easily slide to the back burner.  Here is how I like to get my plan DONE.
1.  SUNDAY NIGHT SCHEDULING Sunday night is a big night for me.  After the baby is in bed and the dishes are put away I sit down with my computer and look at my calendar to psych myself up for the week.   I look at each day and put my workouts into my schedule.  If I don't schedule those workouts, they easily get steamrolled by clients, family, or laziness.  Even if you have the exact same schedule every day, I believe it is imperative to get those workouts on your calendar. 
2. EARLIER IS BETTER  You have heard it a million times before, but even my most alarm clock-resistant clients agree that getting workouts done in the morning is the way to go.  You feel energized, you don't have it looming all day, and nothing can get in the way of getting it done.
3. ONLY TAKE ON WHAT YOU CAN HANDLE The last triathlon I did before I got pregnant was an Ironman.  Post baby I have only done sprints (and one little marathon).  As much as I would love that Ironman rush, I realized that biking 6 hours was completely unrealistic for my new lifestyle.  I can workout one hour a day and get a longer run in on the weekend.  That is all I have time for.  Figure out what goals are realistic for you and be happy with them.  If you only have 45 minutes three times per week, embrace those 45 minutes and make the most of it.
4. SETBACKS HAPPEN You and your kids are going to get sick, your car isn't going to start, work is going to get crazy- that's life.  Do what you need to do to get through the setback and start fresh the next day. 

Want to implement your plan?  Call me!
-Coach A  http://www.sparkmultisport.com/

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  1. Yes I can agree with Coach A on the earlier your workout the better, its completely true even if you hate that alarm clock at 7am. But its totally worth it!