Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When you DON'T want to feel the burn.....

After a roasty toasty Memorial Day here in the Midwest, two of my clients showed up to our training sessions today with lobster red sunburns.  It was the first thing I noticed about them and the first topic of conversation they brought up.  Although you are never too old to GET sunburn, we are too old to be allowing it to happen.  Here are my must know tips for training in the heat of summer:
1)  Get it done early!  Once it gets hot and sun gets strong, your best bet is to get your workout done before 10 am.  This goes nicely with my theory that we are all more apt to workout if we roll out of bed and just do it.  Not only is your workout out of the way, but it won't be as hot and the sun won't be as strong and rough on your skin.
2)  Dress appropriately! Been eyeing those cute tanks and running skirts at Lulu?  Go for it!  Technical fabrics really do make a difference.  Having a material that lets your skin breath is imperative when the mercury rises.     Let this be my blessing to you to go spend $48 on a tank top.
3)  Drink!  Here in Chicago we are blessed with a lakefront path that has water fountains almost every half mile.  I have been to other cities that are not as lucky.  If that is case and the temps are high, invest in an ergonomic water bottle or fuel belt so you can carry at least some liquids with you.  It will allow you to workout longer and more efficiently without becoming dehydrated. 
4) Be Smart!  There are days in every city where it just does not make sense to workout outside.   When the government is issuing heat warnings, the temp doesn’t drop below 90 even at night and you can fry an egg on the sidewalk , just stay inside.   No one is going to judge you if you spend a day on your couch enjoying your AC or if you do a half- assed treadmill workout.   It’s hot!
5) And of course, wear sunscreen….My personal favorite is Banana Boat Sport Dri-Block.   It goes on as a lotion but is not greasy and it has kept me sunburn free during countless workouts and an IRONMAN.  If that is not a good quality test, I don’t know what is.
Here’s to it finally feeling like summer!  -Coach A www.sparkmultisport.com

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