Sunday, May 1, 2011

Reporting Live from USMS Nationals: Day #2

Kino Aquatic Center- Mesa, AZ
What is your normal?
Spending the last two days at this amazing aquatic center got me to thinking about how lucky these Arizonans are with a facility like this.  This pool has 24 lanes, plus an "extra" 6 lane pool, zero-depth kiddy pool, and even a water slide.  The real kicker is that it is a Jr High swimming pool!  I can only imagine the college facility.  However, the reality is that the people who live around here don't think twice about it.  It is their normal, just like for us Midwesterners it is normal to hunker down in our homes for 6 months out of the year to avoid the frigid temps.

On a smaller scale, what is your normal?   Is it getting by on barely 6 hours of sleep, being a weekend warrior at the gym and picking up fast food on the way home from work?  Or are you a runner who gets plenty of sleep, but just can't avoid that junk food?  Whatever your "normal" is, when it gets thrown off, there is a good chance you don't feel like yourself.  You may be amazed at how great you feel on the weekend when you get 8 hours of sleep and start your day at the gym.  Or how awful you feel the next day after you are up with your child for 2 hours in the middle of the night. 

Think about how you can make your normal a little bit healthier.  A small change, such as cooking healthier meals or getting just a little bit more sleep may completely change how you feel on a daily basis.   Check out my previous post  on "Implementing your Plan" for some great ideas to make small changes in your lifestyle.  I challenge you to make your normal a healthier one- have a great Sunday!

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