Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kettlebells, anyone?

If you are looking to spice up your workout routine (like the ADORABLE baby above clearly is) kettlebells are a great addition to your repertoire.  Here are Coach A’s favorite things about this Soviet- invented exercise tool.

·         One piece of equipment is all you need for a killer workout.  Give me a kettlebell and a little space and I will have you sweating in no time. 
·         It is a change from your usual strength training routine.  Swinging around a cast-iron weight makes you feel powerful and invigorated.  A big change from the same old dumbbell curls and presses.
·         Kettlebells are comfortable- the handle on the weight makes it very easy to mimic real world movements and also explosive movements that wouldn’t work so well with a dumbbell or medicine ball. 
·         It’s like cardio on steroids.  Want to feel your heart working and also that burn you get from pumping iron?  Do a set of cleans or snatches and you will know what I mean!
·         The most basic kettlebell exercise, the swing, hits you ALL over your body.  Your quads, glutes, shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs, and lots of little stabilizers are all getting a workout while you just look like a badass.

Want to try it out?  Spark has kettlebells!  With kettlebells it is especially important to have good form and engage the proper muscles, so learning from an expert is imperative.  Get in touch if you want to try out this fun form of exercise!

-Coach A

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