Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TRI-ctionary Post #1

I have a friend who speaks English as a second language.  When we say something to him that he doesn't quite get, he likes to go to to get an explanation.  These interpretations of our slang are pretty funny, but always spot on.  Likewise, when I'm talking about triathlons I tend to throw a lot of the tri-slang around like everyone knows what it means, which may not be fair to some of the newbies.  In the spirit of Urban Dictionary, below are a few definitions from my first TRI-ctionary post.

Speed Workout (n)- a running workout alternating between short intervals of fast running and rest.  I nearly hurled and definitely wanted to kill my coach after my last speed workout of half mile repeats.

Gel (n)-  a relatively disgusting form of calories that gives a quick energy fix in the form of carbohydrates.  Gels come in many flavors but have the consistency of eating toothpaste.  While most of America is trying to limit calories, triathletes are eating gels during their workouts to get some extra calories as quickly as possible.   Gross. 

Brick (n)-  a bike workout, followed immediately by a run.  Coined a brick because that is precisely how your legs feel when you start running.  When I explained to my friend why my bike/run workout is called a brick, he called me insane.   

Chafe- (n)- the irritated, bloody, rugburnlike sore you get when your clothing or equipment rubs you a few too many times.  I got the worst chafe on my thighs when I wore my running shorts for the first time.

Body Glide- (n)- the miracle stick of lube that prevents the above chafe.  If one wants to prevent chafe, one can never put on too much Body Glide.

Let me know if there are any terms YOU have questions about!
-Coach A

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