Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Five Questions with Pro Triathlete Liz Blatchford

I met Liz in 2008 when she was randomly paired with me as a home-stay for the Chicago Tri.    Since then she's gotten married, I have had a child, and we've gotten four years older!  When she decided to come back to Chicago to race this year I was thrilled to have her, and her husband Glen, stay with us once again.  Liz is one of the nicest, friendliest, most fun people I have met.   She was coming into this race off of a win at Boulder 70.3 and finished 4th on Sunday.
Read on to get to know Liz a little more.  

A: Do you prefer an urban race like Chicago or something more rugged, like the Boulder 70.3 you just completed (and won!)? 
L: Hmm I have never actually considered which I prefer to be honest. I like each for their own separate reasons. It can feel pretty special when they close down major roads in big cities for us to compete on. Plus the crowds are usually great in urban locations. They were a little sparse this year though due to the crazy rain! Plus it is exciting visiting big citites. For training we are always seeking rural/rugged locations so to compete in the city is fun and different.
A: How do you think the weather (torrential downpour on the bike) effected you and the other pros? 
L: Well it slowed us down around the corners on the bike (all 4 of them!). Slowed some down more than others - Cam Dye, Sarah Haskins and Jillian Peterson all crashed unfortunately. None of them were badly hurt and were all able to get straight back up and finish. The rain just meant we had to take a little extra care on the bike. There was a point when it was raining so hard that Lake Shore Drive was flash flooded and it was difficult to see and avoid any potholes. That combined with pelting rain and sideways wind made it interesting! It also significantly thinned the spectators but those who did remain were great and cheering loudly:)

A: Three word to sum up your feelings when you crossed the finish line in 4th place on Sunday: 
L: elation exhaustion and excitement 

A: Sarah Haskins has won this race 4 years in a row.  Is it common for one triathlete to hold a title like that for a particular race? 
L: It is definitely not unheard of but a very impressive feat. Sarah is obviously an incredible athlete and really has no weakness just 3 strengths! She has had no major injuries or illness over the past 4 years and continues to dominate the Olympic distance non drafting scene. 

A: What were some of the highlights of Chicago (triathlon related or not)?  
L: Gorgeous bike ride in the sun along the bike path on Friday morning followed by a dip in the lake. Not training as such, just taking in the sights.
Delish dinner at Hubbard Inn with great company - Angela and Gene, my cousins, my husband and close friend and competitor Annabel Luxford.
Giordano’s pizza post race;)

Liz will be racing next weekend in Des Moines at the Hy-Vee Triathlon. 
 Be sure to check out and like her Facebook page!
-Coach A

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