Monday, April 22, 2013

Ready, set, train!!!

Nope, that is not a postcard, that is a pic from my balcony where I just spent the past two weeks of my life. Cancun, Mexico. Amazing scenery, weather, hospitality and fun. I have been going there the first part of April for the past 18 (yikes!) years of my life. It is my home away from home, something I look forward to every year and I feel some serious sadness when I leave. But the sadness doesn't last too long- when I return it is "usually" spring in Chicago and time to get busy.

Yes, waking up the morning after my Cancun trip in my own bed is my signal that training season is here. When I was in high school it marked the start of the long course summer season. A time of outdoor practices, warm summer nights and swim meets all over the Midwest. Once I turned into a triathlete it meant outdoor rides, the start of my training plan and switching my brain into summer mode; more clients and less excuses.

This year is even more special as I build my own business and embark on my training for Ironman Wisconsin. I have built a pretty amazing clientele, each with their own individual goals and aspirations for the summer. I want nothing more than to help them achieve these. I also have my own goals, my biggest one being to train the heck out of this season and have a great race on September 8th.

It's pretty easy to get motivated after two weeks of overindulging and visualizing getting into the best shape of your life. Right now I am ready to go. I won't be giving a play by play of my workouts ( unless I fall off the treadmill and smack my face:) but I will post about the highs and lows of Ironman training.

Get ready, people, it's going to be a great season!

-Coach A

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