Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston XOXO

Maybe it just seems like it, or maybe the world is really getting worse.  Whichever it is, it's sad to say that watching events such as yesterday's in Boston is becoming all too commonplace.   I will admit that some events don't even effect me and politely ignoring them is the way I cope.  However, yesterday's events have effected me.  Hard.  I can think of dozens of reasons why, and to make myself feel better, I will write.  Writing it down gives me clarity, helps me feel better and helps me to move on.

Maybe this is so upsetting because at 2:03 pm in Chicago yesterday I received a text from a dear client and friend who was at the finish line in Boston.  It read "oh my god explosions."

Maybe it is because finish lines are one of my happiest places to be.

Maybe it is because another client and friend had finished the marathon and I waited 30 long minutes after the explosions to hear from her.

Maybe it is because she ran her best marathon time by 6 minutes and no one even cares anymore.

It could be because I lived a few blocks from that site for two years of my life. 

It could be because I have cheered for marathon finishers in that exact spot.

It could be because I have been a spectator at countless events over the years.

It could be because I have dragged THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN MY LIFE to come watch me race.

Perhaps it is because the lowest moment of my life was at MGH, where many people are probably experiencing that feeling right now, tenfold.

Perhaps it is the mere thought of walking into the lobby of MGH that makes my heart race.

But I really think it is because this is MY world.  OUR world.  Any athlete understands what I mean.  Day in and day out I train for, prepare people for, talk people into and cheer people along their path to a finish line.  This is my life.  Our life.  And it has been invaded by someone or some people who are clearly so opposite of yesterday's participants and spectators.

They are not going to stop us.  We will continue to train towards finish lines, and now they have made them that much sweeter to cross.  And if there is anything I have learned over the years from tragedy, it is that those who come out of it are stronger, closer and tougher than you could ever imagine.

-Coach A


  1. Good post, Angela. Thanks for writing. Ryan

  2. Thank you for that post, true and beautifully put.
    “Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil.”
    ― Baltasar Graci√°n