Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why I'd be Injury Free if I Lived in Thailand....

Thailand. Home of Bangkok with its smothering heat, insane traffic and bustling crowds. And contrarily, a smattering of quiet, idyllic islands where the water lapping and birds chirping are the only sounds heard. I've spent the past week of my life in both of those places and had very different adventures in the city and the islands. However, they do have one thing in common- dirt cheap massages.

I knew about the massages coming here and was looking forward to partaking as much as possible. Never having had a Thai massage before, I knew to expect it rough and anticipated it would be good for my ever tight hamstrings and IT bands. Four hours of massage later (costing a grand total of roughly $45 US including tip) I am a Thai massage fanatic.

As I reported to my friend and host Peter, there is "no time wasted on just rubbing their hands around." I mean, the lady just grabbed my feet and started pulling pushing, stretching, digging. Once in a while she would slap my skin and command "Relax!" Then she would hoist herself on top of me while my leg was twisted around and just push all her weight into my hip. Or my butt. Or my neck. Or whatever body part she happened to be working on.

It was fantastic. And affordable. And if I lived here I would most definitely incorporate a massage into my schedule each week. I truly believe in the healing power of massage, especially this type, and think it would keep me ahead of aches and pains brought on by all that running, biking and swimming. Only problem is if I lived here I probably wouldn't work out all that much because it is too damn hot......

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