Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Five MUST-DO's before your first tri each season....

Seasoned triathletes and newbies alike, make sure you have everything checked off this list before you do your first race of the season-

1.  Get in the lake.  With your wetsuit.  Preferably with several of your closest friends kicking and pulling all over you.  This will get your swim anxiety out of the way before race day.

2.  Nail down your breakfast.  Have it many times right before a workout and fine tune it so it fills you just the right amount to keep you energized but not weigh you down.

3.  Practice your transitions.  Especially that bike to run.  Always a shocker how those legs feel off the bike.

4.  Workout with your race outfit.  You may have forgotten how it rode up last year, or that you gained 20 lbs and it is now a belly shirt.  Figure that out before the morning of.

5.  Establish a goal.  Think about what you want to accomplish this year and DO IT!!

Now you are ready to race!
-Coach A

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